"Wagashi inspired by SOU・SOU's original textile design" has reached its 6th year.The theme of this year is the 24 solar terms.
We will be expressing modern wagashi with simpler textile design than our previous works by incorporating the elements of seasonal expressions.
"Textile name : Shunbun (Heisei 25)"
half white and half black
half light and half dark
half day and half night
Shunbun, the vernal equinox day, is the day like that.
And you can feel the spring has finally come on that day as well
March's wagashi is inspired by Hishimochi, used for decoration at the Girl's Festival.We prepared three types of wagashi with different colors and flavor. They are mainly made of Kingyoku, which containing Kanten (agar) heated with sugar and starch syrup. Pink one has fruity flavor with flesh peach and the puree, white one has milk, condensed milk, and apricot-flavored liqueur to make it rich apricot taste. A white sweetened bean paste and Yomogi, a kind of fragrant herbs, are added to the green one to make it like a sweet bean jelly.Normally Hishimochi is piled up in layers. However, we serve them slanted down to enjoy tasting three different colors and flavor separately.

Here at SOU・SOU we have reached our tenth anniversary and we commemorate this momentous occasion with wagashi that are inspired by our signature textile prints.

SOU・SOU designed a new flower design corresponding to each month of the year in "Flower Notes For the Four Seasons', the booklet published by Nihon Kadou Sha, operated by Ikenobo*.

We collaborated with The noted Kyoto patisserie Kameya Yoshinaga.Together we created wagashi that emphasize Japanese seasonal changes as well as our graphic textile prints.

SOU・SOU's textile designer Katsuji Wakisaka has been publishing new textile design on monthly magazine, "PHP Special". The seasonal changes are expressed in our wagashi.

We collaborated with famous Kyoto patisserie Choukyudou.
Our pop vibrant textile design reflect changes in the seasons and these are also expressed in our wagashi.

At Zaifu, we serve a cup of green matcha tea (or choice of coffee) and our wagashi based on our textile design.

Address: 565-72 B2F Nakano-cho Nakagyo-ku Kyoto 604-8042
Open 12:00am-20:00pm *19:00 last order
Open everyday

The KAMEYA YOSHINAGA store descended from the famous confectionary Kameya Yoshian, that has the reputation of being one of the best Kyoto gourmet locales and it's fame reaches back to the Edo period when the store was first opened in 1803. Since then they've been in business in Sijo Samegai area in Kyoto till now. The owner of the store is the 7th generation.

Address: Shijou Horikawa Higashi Hairu Sakyou-ku Kyoto 600-8498 Phone +81 (75) 221-2005
Open 9:00am-18:00pm Open everyday