"Chikurin (Bamboo Thicket)"
Long ago, a folk legend was rumored to take place in a bamboo thicket. A girl named Princess Kaguya was born magically from a bamboo tree, and found by an old couple. She grew up to be very beautiful and many suitors came to court her, even the emperor. However on the night of August 15th, a lunar envoy appeared and Princess Kaguya ascended to her true home on the moon. The image of the bamboo forest reminds me of this poignant yet sorrowful folktale.
(Katsuji Wakisaka, the textile designer)

The design for August is called "Bamboo Thicket".
As the legend goes, on the night of August 15th, Princess Kaguya ascended to the moon along with her lunar envoy.
SOU SOU's textile themed wagashi is a hollowed out, Kyoto style, bamboo branch, and the orange color comes from mango flavored yokan.

竹筒の中身は二層仕立てになっています。上の層は白餡をベースにマンゴー ピューレと果肉がたっぷり入った水羊羹、下の層はココナッツミルクと緑豆が 入った寒天と、2つの美味しさが楽しめます。
The inside of the bamboo actually contains two different layers.
The upper layer contains white anko and mango pureed yokan with a lot of mango fruit, and the bottom layer is kanten jelly made of coconut milk and sweetened green beans. Here you can enjoy both flavors simultaneously.

We collaborated with famous Kyoto patisserie Choukyudou.
Our pop vibrant textile design reflect changes in the seasons and these are also expressed in our wagashi.

SOU・SOU's textile designer Katsuji Wakisaka has been publishing new textile design on monthly magazine, "PHP Special". The seasonal changes are expressed in our wagashi.

We collaborated with The noted Kyoto patisserie Kameya Yoshinaga.
Together we created wagashi that emphasize Japanese seasonal changes as well as our graphic textile prints.

SOU・SOU designed a new flower design corresponding to each month of the year in "Flower Notes For the Four Seasons', the booklet published by Nihon Kadou Sha, operated by Ikenobo*.

Ikenobo is the original school that produced ikebana (traditional Japanese Buddhist floral design) as a unique artform in Japan
over five centuries ago and continue to spread awareness and knowledge of the ikebana tradition worldwide.