"Hanazono (Flower Garden)"
A garden is full of yellow and orange flowers. Red and pink ones too. Wherever you walk there are flowers. They are shining in many colors. Such a fulfilling spring day. I wonder why flowers are this beautiful.

(Katsuji Wakisaka, the textile designer)

The textile inspiration for the march wagashi is called "Flower Garden".
What is being evoked here is the expression of flowers in bloom.
For this month the the wagashi was created by the up and coming confectioner, Satomi Fujita.
You can see her delicate technique from her training as a pastry chef.

Under the Sakura flavored candy, we have put zyouyou manju that en-robes both a salted Sakura flavored white bean paste and a sweetened chunky red bean paste.This seasonal wagashi offers the flavor of Sakura in as many ways as possible.

We collaborated with famous Kyoto patisserie Choukyudou.
Our pop vibrant textile design reflect changes in the seasons and these are also expressed in our wagashi.

SOU・SOU's textile designer Katsuji Wakisaka has been publishing new textile design on monthly magazine, "PHP Special". The seasonal changes are expressed in our wagashi.

We collaborated with The noted Kyoto patisserie Kameya Yoshinaga.
Together we created wagashi that emphasize Japanese seasonal changes as well as our graphic textile prints.

SOU・SOU designed a new flower design corresponding to each month of the year in "Flower Notes For the Four Seasons', the booklet published by Nihon Kadou Sha, operated by Ikenobo*.

Ikenobo is the original school that produced ikebana (traditional Japanese Buddhist floral design) as a unique artform in Japan
over five centuries ago and continue to spread awareness and knowledge of the ikebana tradition worldwide.